What Is the Role of a Funeral Director in Prepaid Funeral Plans

Have you ever considered taking out a prepaid funeral plan in order to make your death slightly easier on your friends and family? It will mean that a large percentage of the finances will be covered, and your preferences in terms of how you will actually want your funeral carried out will already be decided, and therefore there won’t be any room for arguments or anyone thinking they knew what you wanted.

You know that you have to buy a prepaid funeral plan from a verified funeral director, however you don’t really know what their role is or why you need to communicate with them.

A funeral director isn’t actually an essential part of your funeral planning, although they are extremely useful. If you choose to arrange the send-off yourself, you might not need their services at all. It is, however, much easier if you do use a director (and a prepaid funeral plan).

So what do funeral directors do?

Funeral directors have a range of responsibilities, which go from the moment the death is registered and the body released to the family until the burial or the cremation have been completed.

Their first job may start long before the death itself, with prepaid funeral plans. This is where someone will choose to pay for their funeral in advance, therefore taking some of the stress away from the family. The funeral director will fill in all the necessary documentation, and make sure that whoever is taking out the plan knows exactly what their costs cover, and the rights this gives them and their family. They will let you know how you should let your next of kin know that you’ve taken out the plan, and how it should be included in your will.

After death, the directors will be able to move the body from the place of death (usually this will be the hospital, as the death will need to be certified by a medical professional), either to the funeral home to prepare for the service or to your home if required.

They are your go-to people for advice and guidance on what to do when someone dies, because they are the only industry which specialises specifically in this area, and therefore know all the laws which are relevant, and make sure you get all the necessary paper completed so that the burial or cremation is carried out to the letter of the law.

Not only do they deal with your prepaid funeral plans or a funeral arranged after the affect, they also manage the other areas surrounding the death to make the process easier as well. They can order floral tributes and arrange them for you, as well transferring or repatriating the body so the service can be carried out at home rather than being limited to where the deceased passed away.

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